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we Americans act really cocky and assholey about freedom to hide the fact that our government is crumbling and nobody is actually free so please give us this one day to be annoying about it

Kinda feel bad for poor Americans now. A bit like the asshole kid who you realise is only acting like that cuz their parents are cruel and neglectful.

That’s painfully accurate.

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PARKER SIMMONS / I Love You Mao Mao teaser 1:18

This is a teaser for an upcoming short by Parker Simmons, a director/animator/lover at Titmouse! I Love You Mao Mao stars Mao Mao, the explosive, masterful sheriff of the Snuggleshire who’ll do ANYTHING to maintain law and order.

On the top left is the first ever drawing of Mao Mao, followed by some poses/concepts! Mao Mao’s color scheme is based on Link at the end of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Black, red and green with a gold sword!

The first drawings of Adorabat (above) followed by some poses (below). The decision was made to nix the wing hands and just give him/her straight up flaps.

Adorabat is Mao Mao’s A-Number 1 deputy. (S)he loves action, secrecy and violence. Adorabat is a little TOO excited to work with his/her hero, Mao Mao.

The first drawings of Bearclops (above). Titmouse Art Director Antonio Cannobio gave the note to get rid of the muzzle and make his mouth more graphic.

Bearclops is Mao Mao’s best friend and deputy. He’s level-headed, relaxed and quick-witted. He’s just about the only person who could crack jokes about the Sheriff and keep his head. His robotic arm holds many secrets.

The new short will be out before you know it, and you’ll get to know these jokers a bit more then. Until that time, here’s the official model sheet for the Sheriff!

parkersimmonsyall is the best :D

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the only domestic instinct my parents have managed to pass on to me is the tendency to hoard multiple plastic bags in another plastic bag despite the fact that I will probably never need this many plastic bags in my adult life

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